Monday, 24 June 2013

Amazing Race

   Amazing Race
Who is going in the boat? said Olivia. We had no time to argue so Liam and I went in because I couldn't go kayaking before that because I got stung by a wasp and it felt like my finger was on fire but I didn’t cry about it.
Ok you and Liam said Olivia. Just as I went into the boat I was soaking wet we could see in front of us Nikitah and Samuel but we didn’t care that they were in front  of us because it was supposed to be fun. Mrs Pitell was handing us a puzzle so we had to go back and solve it. On the way back I got lost so I went back to camp Kaitawa. Then the man walked in and said where were you, we need to go back to the confidence course. Oh
I said and we came last.


  1. Well done, Jessica.

    I like your ending and how you included the part about getting lost and going back to camp. It is supposed to be fun!

    1. I also like how you shared how you didn't cry when you were stung by a wasp. Everyone thought you were very tough!


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