Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 3 Caving

Day 3

It is soaking wet! We are up to the first cave, I am happy to sit under shelter to get dry. Now I have to crawl because it is my turn I am freaked out seeing the others that have been in all muddy. I knew I won't get muddy because I will just bend down when its my turn Hemani in front of me said Come on it's our turn!! I am walking really slowly because it is so slippery and wet and cold. I walk further slowly I see no wettas but I hear people screaming Ahhh!  theres a Wetta!!!


  1. That awesome Jessica. What a great description of the caves.

  2. I love your camp story. I loved it when people were yelling AAARRR WETER I think that was the best part. AWESOME Jessica. I would love to do that. From Hannah Frimley Primary School. Hope you can check out my blog.


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