Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Dog Tyra

   My Dog Tyra by Jessica Snow

                           I've always been a dog lover
                           so my my mum  said its time  we have
                           a dog.
                           We traveled long to get it but I knew                           that it was worth it.   

                           We arrived and there were
                           heaps of dogs. 
I chose the black labrador
                           and everyone agreed.

                           We picked up the dog and paid for her
                           what should we name her said my sister
                           why not Lucy I said because her skin is very loose
                           but in the end we named her Tyra.



  1. Now that is a great poem!

    I especially like the ending and how you wanted to name her Lucy because she had loose skin.

  2. Awesome Jess I agree with Mr M it is a really great poem
    that you rote I love how you called it Tyra.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  3. Hi Jessica I like how you have a dog and I'm pretty sure that I have a dog just like yours.
    Incredible work there Jessica that is amazing keep it up it's fantastic.


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