Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dead Harry

Dead harry
Dear ken Catran
I really like that book called Dead Harry it has got to be my favorite book the teacher has ever read to us room 16. We got to make a trailer about the book it was so fun and even a bit creepy to.

In the movie trailer I was Anna She is a main girl and she is my favorite girl too I got to be her because I was the only girl in my group my group was Josh Shivom,Ellis, Inderpreet and I  

The best thing I like about that book is that it is very interesting and you just don't want to put the book down and read something else.

Thank you for reading my letter

from Jessica

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Henna hands

This is my henna art and the arrows pointing to the patterns is what the meaning of the patterns are

I hope you like it:)

Friday, 9 August 2013

The little Dragon

The little dragon
The Little dragon only a fingertip small
was flattering his wings because he was flying.
he flew of my finger because he found his mum he flew to her
his mum was busy flying to the other dragons so He just sat on my finger for the rest of the day.
all he did was sleep so I took him off my finger and tucked him into bed.
Ok I said well go and find your friends.
But But.....I don't have friends muttered the little dragon
Me too I said
Lets be friends the little dragon said
ok I said with a smile.
We went off and played and this had to be the best friend ever
The little dragon overheard me talking in my mind
What! he said you talk to yourself
No! sorry I say when im excited I always do that.
I wish I had a mum said the little dragon then I will have a name instead of people just calling me little dragon all the time i'm sick of it!!!!! it makes me feel like i'm nothing and all I am is a little dragon.
Well I thought that that lady over their was your mum the one you were flying to.
No thats my step mum and she is horrible!
she makes me do all the chores and I am too small to.
Well I say lets get you a name you can chose,
Actually I think that my name is special even though  I don't have one but I have been called little dragon for years in my life and I think it suits me now what do u think,
Well I say I like it!
good the little dragon says
and for now on everyone thought he was special

and he was the worked in the royal palace.
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