Monday, 4 November 2013

Race a speedboat

Race a Speedboat
Can you make a paper boat race across the water just by gently touching the surface of the water?
Hypothesis (What I think will happen) I think it will go because the bubbles will push it

Coloured card, washing up liquid, pencil or sharpie, scissors, large container of water.

Method (What we did) we got dishwashing liquid and gently touched the water behind the boat

Observation (What happened)
the boat started to move

Conclusion (Why I think it happened) I think that the boat zoomed off was because the dishwashing liquid was forcing the boat to move.

Short Experiment to Follow Up
Make Metal Float
Gently place a paperclip on the water’s surface.

Hypothesis (What I think will happen) the boat will sink because the paperclip will push it down

Observation (What happened) the boat sank because of the paperclip pushing it down

Conclusion (Why I think it happened) I thought that it would happen because its giving the boat extra weight to hold and if the boat is not strong enough it will sink


  1. Well done Jessica.
    Your science experiment is great!
    I like your photos.
    Well done.

  2. Fantastic Jessica
    Great work your reflection is great.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done:)


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