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On the 13th of November I went to Australia for eight days. When I woke up I was soo excited but when I looked at the clock it was only 7:23 am, five more hours to wait I said.

When the hours went bye I heard the doorbell, it was my Grandma coming to drop us off at the napier airport. While we put the suitcases in her car I ran back inside and checked if I had everything. As I went inside my brother was their nailing nails on the window so that no one could rob our house, Come on I said and as I got into the car I was so excited that I could hardly breath.

Ten minutes had already flew past and we were already there. We got all our suitcases and had to put them in this machine thing. We had to sit for about half an hour waiting for the plane to Auckland. It was fun watching the other planes take off they were very fast.

Before you new it, it was our turn to get on the plane I was a bit excited because it was my first time on a plane. It was cool watching the clouds and the tiny houses, Theres the sky tower! says my dad. We must be close to the airport I said.

Since it took a while to get on the next plane we got Burger king for lunch. It was much more better getting in a bigger plane cause then you get more space. But I was sitting next to a random lady for three hours. I also think I might have fallen asleep but when they said it was okay to use your devices so I got mine and played on it.

Before you new it again we were already there, I was so excited to touch Australia!!!, As I got out it was steaming, we could not go home yet because we had to wait in this huge line to show the lady our passports.

After that we got our suitcases and took them with us the got our car that we rented and drove it to our holiday home. When we were driving for about half an hour at that point I wish I was in the pool at the holiday home.

Then we finally were their and our house was so cool there was a huge pool so I put my togs on and jumped in the pool. Their wasn't much to do in their but it was still fun, We were in their till it was pitch black so I had to go inside I watched tv for a little bit and then fell asleep. I woke up at one in the morning and wasn't tired at all so I went back into the pool and my dad and my brother jumped in to. But my sister and mum were still asleep so I had to be quiet. That day we went to a huge mall and brought stuff for the pool, we also got some pamphlets to see what theme parks there are to go to. What are we doing tomorrow? I said, we are going to seaworld my mum said. There was a huge thunder storm coming so we all had to go home. The next morning I got up early again but not as early as the first night.

The next morning we went to sea world as we walked in we saw spongebob's house and patricks and squidward's to we could not go on any of the roller coasters because they were not working but we went on the ski ride which felt like you were gonna fall out

after that it got dark so we had to leave because it was like five a clock and it was all shut down. We had a 2 hour drive around just to find woolworths bye then it was about 7 so we didn't end up going but it was a waste of time.

I was quite excited when we went home because I could not wait till Movie world because we were going there the next day. In the morning I jumped in the pool again and my dad said I had to get ready for movie world. It took quite a while to get their but suddenly I saw the movie world sign it said Hollywood on the gold coast.

The first thing I did was going on the superman ride I didn't really expect it to go really really fast but it still was fun. there is also a photo of me on it to I'm screaming and holding on to my mum's arm tight. after that we all wanted to go on a more calmer ride so we went on roadrunner it was also a roller coaster too.

after that we all wanted to watch the cars to daredevil tricks like going on the side and racing around and acting like they were on a movie. When we went out we saw bat man., people got photos taken with him to.

after that I went on the wild west ride it went down a big hill backwards really fast. My brother sister dad and mum were lining up to go on the green lantern ride but when we were just at the front of the line there was a huge hail storm coming so all the rides were closed so we just went on the justice league

after I went to buy the wonder women cape. after I bought it I was wondering why everyone was running into the shop I looked to see and their was a massive hail storm Oh No I yelled where's my family!!!!! I had no idea how it went from sunny to stormy.

After wondering around my dad was there to take me to where the rest of the family was. They were in this other shop but because it was hailing we were stuck underneath this umbrella outside we ran to the shop and waited for it to stop. It did not stop so we ran to the car and drove home I was freaking out because there was lightning to and it nearly hit our car.

The next morning we went to wet N wild. There was a huge line even though we went very early, The first thing we saw was these very claustrophobic slides that you had to lie down on I didn't go down those but my dad and brother did.

the first thing I went on was the tornado funnel thing it was blue and yellow and you go on a four and go down a slide I went down backwards , and you drop down on to a funnel thing and I scraped myself from doing that

The next thing was the black hole it looked so awesome and the line was huge but as soon as we got up there and when it was our turn we could not see anything because it was so dark and quick so we didn't go back on.

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  1. Excellent writing, Jessica. Thank you for sharing these awesome memories!


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